The Advent calendar of gifts 2020: a precious Christmas

“Rock” diamonds on the ears, a fantasmatic Rolex on the wrist, a signet ring on the finger that breaks the codes, but also an ethical watch, a royal tocante, and even creamy creams ...this Christmas 2020, we allow ourselves some follies ( or their more affordable version) to remember that every day is precious.

With its precious, delicate and poetic jewelry, the Stone Paris brand brings a breath of modernity to jewelry.And that feels good.Since its launch fifteen years ago, it is impossible to tire of the finesse of the pieces imagined by Marie Poniatowski .

Among his racy creations with rock'n'roll influences, we have set our sights this Christmas on earrings featuring the emblematic star of the Florentine painter Giotto and plunge us into the Italian Renaissance.

Stella earrings in gold and diamonds, Stone Paris, 2,000 euros per pair,

And more accessible: earrings in rhodium-plated metal, Swarovski, 149 euros,

Do you remember that bottle of Evian that you threw on the beach, out of the car window (!) Or in the street? This incivility, now punishable by law, comes on top of the 800 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the oceans each year.

Tom Ford affirms: “Ethical luxury is the best luxury there is.” He thus imagined a wristwatch (interchangeable) made from 35 plastic bottles sourced directly from land waters and then recycled.The American designer is also supported by the environmental consulting agency 52 Hz and undertakes to recycle 250 kg of plastic for every thousand watches sold.

Posted Date: 2020-12-13

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