Ruederbach: When 1000 frogs croak

To enter the house of the married couple Annick and Paul Vetter, an old renovated family farm, is to arrive in a world of greenery, inhabited by more than 1,000 frogs made of ceramics, glass, wood, porcelain, gold, silver, fabric … Annick Vetter is an active collector of multiple supports featuring a frog: ashtrays, jewellery, T-shirts, sheets, cuddly toys and plush toys for children, planters, clocks, buoys, postcards, napkins.The list is far from being exhaustive because in every corner of the house is hidden one of these amphibians! Except in the office of her husband Paul, who is also president of the “Schwamala” bicycle club, who managed to save his den from the Batracian invasion!

Annick Vetter specifies that her first “crush” was for a large vase she bought in 1990, a vase that she pampers with great care, the beginning of her collection , and which travels in her interior according to the seasons and the various blooms… A shop window shelters various themes such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day… She constantly changes the decoration of her house according to the holidays and events. In this period for example, a frog, perhaps sensitive to viruses, wears a mask! She also creates collages on this theme, and a painting featuring many frogs was given to her for her 50th birthday, a work by an artist niece that stands prominently next to an imposing bouquet featuring 50 frogs.

Live frogs, but not on the plate!

She owned a vivarium where tropical frogs with changing colours evolved, which she had for 7 years and which filled the house with their croaks. Her gate at the entrance to the courtyard was custom-made by the Schudy-Soudure company and of course includes the fetish batrachian! Annick Vetter also says that all her frogs have a smile on their face, which is good for her heart, and that she never tastes them in restaurants, even when they are spiced up with a good blue-veined sauce!

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